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Commercial Painting & Coatings

Kilcor offers Commercial and Light Industrial Painting and Coatings for your interior and exterior needs. Interior and Exterior paint/coatings bring to life the potential of your space whether you have a small office or large industrial business. We help you create the environment needed for your space inside and out. Your project should have lasting value and high-quality paint with professional appeal.

Using a coating is the best way to protect what lies beneath and your investment.

Most coatings are used to prevent corrosion and are engineered for its functional and protective properties. While protection is the primary focus of using coatings, aesthetics is also beneficial in many forms. Industrial coatings will extend the life of any steel or concrete and prevent corrosion, which in return offsets extra unneeded costs over time. Coatings also make fire and hazardous cleanups preventable.

Our employees are extremely qualified and trained to work quickly while prepping your area with minimal unnecessary disturbances saving you time and money from start to finish. We provide hassle-free scheduling, planning and warranties on all our services.


Industrial Floor Solutions

Kilcor can help protect your foundation with our flooring services that are cost-effective over time. We offer several options that ensure safety, easy upkeep, and impact resistance; all while maintaining a quality professional grade that will last for years to come. Sealants and hardeners can protect your floors from day- to-day traffic from heavy manufacturing elements like chemicals and dust, making cleanups easy. Sealants are usually applied to floors immediately after installation to protect it using a chemical solution. Properties of sealants include insolubility, corrosion, adhesion and durability.

We offer resinous flooring solutions with advantages for exceptional durability and benefits of anti-fatigue from moisture, stains, grease and cracks.


Commercial & Industrial Building And Property Maintenance

Kilcor has qualified professionals available and ready to handle any building or property maintenance. Eliminate the need for separate contractors to maintain and repair your commercial or industrial property. From painting, flooring or repairs, we will make your location ready for its’ next business for lease or purchase. We stand behind all our maintenance services with satisfaction guaranteed and peace of mind.

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